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APC is cheaper, more reliable and much more practical
than a Lamborghini, but everyone wants exactly Lamborghini.
The matter is in good advertising.
(Sergiy Dzyupin)

What is more profitable? Billboard per month, or selary of the mediocre Manager?

How you do pay a manager per month? The minimum wage in Ukraine (as of January 2015) is 1378 USD. However, a “good” Manager is much more expensive. Plus he takes interest. From 5 to 20 % for the project, if he attracted client. Finally, a good Manager, it costs You dearly – 5 000 UAH per month.

One Billboard in the Lviv on average costs 2000 UAH per month. At least two and a half times cheaper and more efficient!!

The logical question is – what’s more profitable? Billboards do not take of you interest!

Advertise and reduce the costs!

Most of the businessmen of Ukraine deal through “cold calls”. But is it more efficient to receive incoming calls, and to spend company resources solely on “processing” with the ready to cooperate clients?

How many calls does your Manager need to do to find the client?

Why should you pay for useless tries?…

Managers can be sick, can want an award.
Advertising works without holidays,
days off and sick leave.
(Sergiy Dzyupin)

What is the price of advertising?

One cannot say that all the houses are of the same price, though would be the fact that the houses are large, small, beautiful, terrible, in downtown or by the ocean. So our services have no fixed price. All I can say: we do not make “Shit”, so we aren’t the cheapiest on the market. But don’t take just “showing off”, as our colleague A. Lebedev does (that even tell in his motto: “Long, expensive,”). All that you should care about now – is that all the consultations of our managers, usability testing or commercial offers from us you can get for free!!

Internet has the same impact on people
as both radio and television at the time of the peak of their popularity.
And then there will be much more.
(Sergiy Dzyupin)

How to start to advertise?

Statistics show that before making a purchase on network 65% of Ukrainians read materials and watch video reviews about goods they are interested in. The Internet is becoming more popular. And we cannot refuse of the traditional advertising in any case (especially if your audience is older than 40 years), anyone who does not want to be stuck in the stone age, should go out in the on-line space. If you are not on the Internet it means that you do NOT EXIST for solvent 16.9 million Ukrainians. Among Americans and Europeans the statistics is more amazing.


The most effective advertising is one that catches the eye of one who seeks it! According to this principle advertising network online operates, contextual advertising and website promotion in search engines for specific queries. Compare the chances of a seller that sells beer near the kindergarten and the one who sells it on the football field. Advertising on the Internet “finds” your buyer, and therefore it is at times more effective than any other.

You have a marketing specialist,
you’re engaged in an advertisement,
or your company will not remain for a long time.
(Sergiy Dzyupìn)

Who must be engaged in an advertisement?

The director of enterprise must not be engaged in an advertisement. And who is to do it? Special hired employee ? Why to hire a specialist, if your business is not associated with advertising? Only for the sake of advertisement of your company? How is it useful? Better is to hire a team of the qualified advertisers, including marketers of generalist, and specialists in social network and masters of naming. In short there are many of us and we are cheaper.


If you are too lazy to bother, to understand how, where, when, and how long you should advertise, we are at your service. Here is a comprehensive marketing promotion. We are transparent – we are 10% for the services, and the rest spend on your advertising. We determine the optimal ways of delivering advertising messages, control effectiveness and (if necessary) editing advertising campaign. Since you only have the budget, and the rest will make sure we (and provide a full report to the month).

We are experienced enough
to be able to do the job and too young
to slapdash.
(Sergiy Dzyupin)

Why are we better than our competitors?

There are no many people in our team that is why there are no Freeloaders among us. Each of us understands not only in his field, and perfectly is knowledgeable in the adjacent areas.

Each of us reads “a ton” of professional literature and attends seminars and trainings. Each of us could independently conduct a small project, but we work as a team, because teamwork makes us much stronger!

We have not established our business on an empty place. We are when the scope of Internet space began to be too tight. “grown up” from a Web Studio, when the scope of Internet space began to be too tight.

The founders of our company started to work in the WEB-sphere from the distant 2005, кwhen most of the Ukrainians have not even home Internet. Internet advertising is our main direction..


We are so confident in the positive outcome that in the official contract there is registered item of returning the full amount of funds in case of failure! Our every cooperation agreement designed to insure the client against risk.

Facts and figures

7% of customers cooperate with us on a regular basis (where we are partners in marketing).

To us, and only us, they come back for advertising.

86% of clients come to us again at least once.

They are very satisfied with our cooperation.

15% of new customers come to us by recommendation of old clients.

They recommend their friends to work with us!

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