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It is logical that people in our company often talk about their main activity – about advertising. The most interesting statements about it usually has our advertising agency director, Sergei Dzyupin. Here are some of them…

Happy birthday, WEMES

Having hips of work we have forgotten one important day – the birthday of RA “WEMES”. And we really have something to celebrate…

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Christmas tree is still decorated, the windows still have the drawn snowflakes and there serpentine sparkle remains, but … but the vocations as well as public holidays are not forever.

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Best wishes to our clients, partners and friends!

Львів дружній до тварин

Advertising agency “WEMES”is proud to take part in a free Website for LCP “lion” because these people have undertaken an incredibly important mission : rescue mission in Lviv for street animals.


“Take care of paper” – that is one of our office slogans . For almost a year we monitor that each suitable for reuse piece of paper found itself in the place of recyclable materials collection . We want to share our experience with you. Finally – a proposal for you!

Шукаємо спеціалістів

Увага, ведеться набір в команду рекламної агенції WEMES. Якщо Ви хочете спробувати себе в рекламі, то у нас для вас є кілька цікавих пропозицій.

Обкладинка публікації в блозі

Hello, dear readers! Glad to inform you that we have finally embarked on our own site and made it “beautiful.” How could we have a right to advise our customers to make a modern site, when ours was quite outdated?

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People do not like to read. Your site text is there not for clients!

Яким має бути мій сайт?

Do not rely on the opinion of the designer or manager, when the question relates to what pages need to be present on your website. You know your potential buyer and his needs better, so – you decide.

Вітання з Новим Роком від WEMES

2014 – is not the best year for startups in Ukraine. Everyone knows about “politically anarchic” situation, and everyone understands how it affects the business. However, we do not give up, even in difficult times we can temper ourselves and achieve more than at any other time.

Стаття блогу про Landing page

Recently Single-page sites are becoming popular. But in the pursuit of fashion, many of our customers do not think that these sites do not always meet their needs. What is “Landing” and what is it worth using?

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