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The main reason why SEO optimizers and customers do not like each other is that customers believe that their websites are read! Yes, I’m serious! They believe that when their website gets occasional visitor, he at first starts to drill all the information. This, on average, is 3000 characters per page! So they are sadly mistaken! Think of yourself – that you get to the site with interesting for you topics. For example, you want to buy a watch (and in our twenty-first century, when the clock is built into all that just has buttons or screens). What especially do you do on the site? Studies show this:

  • Read the site name;
  • READ (optional) title page;
  • Look at the largest font available in your eye (perhaps especially);
  • Look at the picture (to ensure that there really sell watches);
  • Look for the menu – needed items such as “catalog”;
  • Read 5-6 words from the first available text;
  • Start looking at the pictures and prices.

This scenario is approximate and items can be interchanged, but the essence remains the same. No one reads the text. More specifically, read up to 5% of the visitors and only text from the page “About” description of the goods or (more likely) reviews from other customers.  If do not believe me  provide an experiment on the friends and colleagues – Observe the speed with which they visit your site, even if they see it for the first time! May be your friends have the skills of fast reading, or you just trust my statements.

What nonsense you wrote?

In fact, when it comes to SEO-texts, noone asks client … Specialist know better! And if the expert said that such bullsheet brings you money (converted from visitors), you have to agree -this is bullsheet. We had customers who tortured tantrum, knowing “ugly phrase” such as “buy wooden umbrella” or customers who theatrically blackout, knowing that copywriter wrote that the pipe is green when it was light green . “What nonsense have you written when men do not understand about the second stage of the manufacture of polypropylene pipes! It’s the end of the world, I do not want to work with you any more, “- shouted the bearded old man at the manager Larissa. And what do I mean? Dear customers, I do not want to upset you, but all this do not care !!! Only Uncle Google reads Your text and maybe some copywriter, copying text to the site of competitors. Maximum maybe  the text are reading  by your friends and relatives. Finally, the text reads your mom and your fellow  pretending to work. But not the customers.

Prove I’m wrong

You can prove to me that I’m wrong. But I am not a SEO Specialist, and therefore defend the interests of nobody, and speak only as an impartial witness. By the way, I am a designer. And the principle of building web pages “to view but not to read”is repeatedly described in professional design literature, that I know well. Although, there are exceptions. And “I’ll be a fool” if begin to argue that these texts do not matter, certainly some  have. Texts are read on the forums, also “answers mail ru”are read, even reviews on your site. So for example, I often read the page “Company” (Well, I just come there and run away,  there’s an heresy written (not by SEObut by assistant director of the company).  It’s wrong to consider that if you are doing technical work, the site should  describe the technological process of creating – fans do not understand it and professionals know everything without your help. ” And if you write lyrics for all your requirements (which are often at variance with that logic, the contractual terms of SEO-promotion), dear our customers, no tractor will not pull your site from the abyss SERPs. So leave professionals to do their jobs. We do not teach you the best way how to make those polypropylene tubes!

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