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Landing page.

Recently Single-page sites are becoming popular. But in the pursuit of fashion, many of our customers do not think that these sites do not always meet their needs. What is “Landing” and what is it worth using?

What is «Landing page»?

According to various sources “Landing” – a landing page is a page “which sells”. Definitions differ for the reasons that explains the principle of site Landing page promotion, and the second – for their tasks. Website promotion is usually done using a paid advertisement. To make your potential buyer came to this site, you need to invest in contextual advertising. Except the contextual advertising, the most effective ways to attract users are the banner advertising and advertising in social networks. The principle of work: the usual site is different from the Internet resource , it does not meet the criteria of SEO-promotion. There practically no texts on this site because the site is difficult to put into place of the first search engines. But the page is usually replete with attractive images and headlines that stimulate sales. The entire structure of the site is designed often not by the specialists in design but by behaviorist (experts on behavior) who knows exactly the order of the elements to make the buyer decide to purchase. Quite often, the decisions are taken at the moment when the buyer swipe through the site to the end and before his eyes will be huge button “buy now”. These sites are often targeted to impulse buyers.

How it works

Let’s imagine that we have to adjust selling of the condensed milk with “Landing”. What is the sequence of our actions? We create targeted ads in Google, which contain the word “buy condensed milk” and “Benefits of condensed milk.” The next step is to run multiple posts in popular groups of Twitter and Facebook, as well as advertisements in the same social networks with appetizing pictures and signed “Do you want sweet?”. This is all the bait. At least for sales of condensed milk such actions will be more than enough (for the first time). Next step is  for the  site. How it will be held?

  • When we get on this site, we will see a juicy photo of a tin with condensed milk. High-quality photographs are essential for creating the initial positive opinion about the product.
  • After that comes description. Three or four short paragraphs about the health benefits of the specific production and ecological product. A bit of text that can be fairly easily replaced by Infographics or video clip.
  • It will be some stories from customers writing how condensed milk gives them strength and energy for the whole day and cures lack of calcium in the body by produced milk.
  • The final stage will be a simple order form and nice price. And, of course, the big red (green) button.

All architecture of Landing page is to lead and guide the visitor to a common goal :to purchase. The buyer thinks that he goes to a section and chooses the sequence of their actions, but it is not true. Feature Landing page -does not leave the choice to the buyer, but to create the appearance of choice. This makes this type of ideal sites for sales of a single product or service. But  this type of sites has  disadvantages caused by specific work.

When Landing page is a waste of money?

Recently the customer applied who had a huge number of different goods, but he insisted on “Landing”, as he believed that it is fashionable, beautiful and effective. Basically, he’s right. The only real effectiveness of Landing page is when the entire site is dedicated to only one product. We “process” the potential buyers from all sides, telling in pieces all the information we may need for persuasion. All we could use in the whole campaign, we put in one page. With this pressure, the visitor almost has no reason not to want such a product. Finally, if repeat 20 times that pizza is delicious the person, at leas, wants to eat. But imagine that you tell at the same site about the condensed milk, and the yogurt, and fermented baked on milk, and the dumplings with cheese, and the pizza. Examining everything on the site, visitors will be simply confused. And it will dissipate attention among all commodities. When a person finally swipe through the site to the end and see the “buy”, he might not answer the question what he will buy clicking, and why it is needed.


Basically – Landing page is a very interesting tool to improve sales, however, which requires the initial investments. Perhaps the investment may not be as great as with the full SEO site promotion, but if you stop to invest in banner and contextual advertising, sales will fall sharply to zero. In addition, if you want to unleash their brand or several products and services – “Landing” does not suit you, and this is important!


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