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“Take care of paper” – that is one of our office slogans . For almost a year we monitor that each suitable for reuse piece of paper  found itself  in the place of recyclable materials collection . We want to share our experience with you. Finally – a proposal for you!

“Don’t cut guys, don’t cut”

Did you know that the production of 50 kg of paper goes about one adult tree?

About a year ago our main marketing Alena Kostenko conducted the research on the use of paper in the standard Ukrainian offices  and the fate of recycled paper.

So it turned out that even a small Lviv company (up to 20 people) consumes about 200 kilograms office paper (A4 packs of print). Besides paper employees need  notebooks, stickers, envelopes, sketchbooks, newspapers and cardboard packaging of various products.

But we were not scared that people use all the paper but how was their attitude irresponsible towards disposal. More than 70 percent of respondents admitted that the office waste paper reaches the normal waste. Many admitted that they did not sort the garbage and worse, they could throw have sorted garbage in the conventional container if the container is not available specialized (locked container boxes or container is far).

While the price of a kilo of waste paper in Ukraine (according to April 2014) have reached UAH 1 20kop. That is, if every office would hand a paper to recycle for the money, it could have at least a year’s supply of good tea.

How is it  in our place?

We felt that we  use less paper, “than all others”, because in our office most people are working on the computers and paper is used only once a year – to write the application for leave. However, we were strongly mistaken. According to approximate calculations, only accounting department  consumes about 150 kg of paper per year. The amount of paper consumed by the rest of the staff can not be accounted at all.

 It is since  we stuck  the sign “just paper”on a  cardboard box…

To the reader.

To someone it may seem that this story is not very relevant blog of ad agency. However, we would like to remind readers about the need to sort waste for recycling.

We have a suggestion for you – if you have a good idea for social advertising on the conservation of natural resources – please contact us in Mailbox If your idea is interesting and easy to implement, we will try and implement its release in the online space. In the subject line be sure to include “social advertising”.

 We hope for your feedback!

Вітання з Новим Роком від WEMES

2014 – is not the best year for startups in Ukraine. Everyone knows about “politically anarchic” situation, and everyone understands how it affects the business. However, we do not give up, even in difficult times we can temper ourselves and achieve more than at any other time.

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Увага, ведеться набір в команду рекламної агенції WEMES. Якщо Ви хочете спробувати себе в рекламі, то у нас для вас є кілька цікавих пропозицій.

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