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We updated the SITE!

Hello, dear readers! Glad to inform you that we have finally embarked on our own site and made it “beautiful.”  How  could we have a right to advise our customers to make a modern site, when  ours was quite outdated?

Finally, it had to happen sometime :our little “desk” has grown into the small and cozy, but “Office”. Similarly, our website can not always be a standard online business card. We had adjusted it to the size of the normal corporate website.

Our neighbors, the Russians have a saying: “Shoemaker without shoes.” We felt the same for one and a half year of our existence, if we had restricted to the narrow scope of the site- business card, hastily added a few features.

Our services

Unfortunately, the information on the old site was not often enough for the customers to fully understanding.

 So we took this fact into account and asked our copywriters to write a full description of the services we provide. Do not believe me? Reread and you will see – the text is logical and accessible even to the ordinary citizens, not just for marketers!

Our portfolio

Now we have a complete portfolio, which is divided into several main areas of activity:

  • Internet advertising. Included are examples of our work on website development, SEO and SMM-promotion;
  • Video advertising. Here is a link to our youtube channel – a place where you can see our company created video clips;
  • Classic advertising. In this section we have placed our work, all of which may relate to advertising in the classic sense – creating handouts, promotional and other measures;
  • Corporate style. Here you can see some examples of our designers work on the creation of corporate identity – from logos to full brand book.

So if you are interested in what we were doing till the point where you find us – just look in the portfolio. We tried to move to an updated portfolio  some of our old one, so that you can see  we do not stand still  our designs, our advertising – all gets better with every new project!

Our team

Their experience and professional literature leave no doubt – people are more reluctant to contact with real people instead of faceless corporations.

That’s why we decided not to hide our faces, and open you access to our pages on social networks. We are transparent and we have nothing to hide!

Of course, this is not everything, but here are all those with whom you might want to talk or see. If you’re wondering what kind of person will be driving your project or what designer will create your brochure and who wors on your site,if you’re wondering who manages – go to the “team” and let’s finally know!

Our blog

At this point, we didn’t blog very actively. There is always enough work,but to write something new about life of WEMES advertising agency, it  should be at least a little bit of free time. However, we decided not to take the page from the list. Yet in some exceptional cases we want to share important information for us!

Write to us!

We don’t have Page “contacts”. Perhaps because it is now fashionable to put contact information in the footer, and maybe that tyhere is a separate page of our team, where you can choose a specific person you would like to talk with : accountant or manager.

 In any case, no separate page, but contact information is available to you at any time on site – just click the button to scroll through menus or manually go down the page and you will see our office address, telephone and email. There is a  mail of our technical support  in case you are an existing customer and you have questions about the management of your site.

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Christmas tree is still decorated, the windows still have the drawn snowflakes and there serpentine sparkle remains, but … but the vocations as well as public holidays are not forever.


“Take care of paper” – that is one of our office slogans . For almost a year we monitor that each suitable for reuse piece of paper found itself in the place of recyclable materials collection . We want to share our experience with you. Finally – a proposal for you!

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