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RA “WEMES” is 2 years old!

Having hips of work we have forgotten one important day – the birthday of RA “WEMES”. And we really have something to celebrate…

Globally, we are still beginners. Not because we have no experience – our overall experience in the development of Internet and advertising product currently has more than 30 years (experience of accountants, sales managers and other people who are not directly involved in the development we have not even included).

However, we still consider ourselves the beginners as we continue to study and develop actively.

1. Information website

The subject of special pride was the launched (although we have to admit – not without delay) information portal. So far, this is the biggest project we were involved in the history of  PA”WEMES”. The powerful functionality required not just making amendments to the existing (living) site, and global design changes, “engine” and God knows what else … In short, from the site, which previously merely placed news and photos, we  developed a hybrid social network , a news portal and e-bay. Moreover, developed from scratch, as the old clumsy code was completely unsuitable for use. While the site is approximately 75%, but the experience that took our programmers on the project is priceless.

2. Clinic LCP “Lion” –

The project is just at start development point, which is not surprising – the extent is quite impressive. In the summer of 2015 we decided to do charity – agreed to develop a free site for clinics, as already mentioned before. Stud design of the site is finally completed, and the stage layout has started. We hope that the project will benefit all residents of Lviv, because the site will  provide almost all the necessary information, pet owners can only wish to have. The main part of the site – a “passport”of every homeless and home dog of the city , anyone can take the pet home choosing it right here!

3. “New Horizons”

A year ago, the Ukrainian clients accounted for 90% of the total list. Now we proudly can say that at least half of our customers are overseas. Our clients were Australians and British, and even Israel! Since we started working with overseas customers it changed much . We studied the things previously we were not helpful to do. Besides the usual site development we now develop advertising banners, illustrations for blog posts, infographics, and even the design of mobile applications! 95% of these works do not just fall into our portfolio, we cannot devote a separate page for each unit of finished product. Well, who would make the publication portfolio, dedicated to one single banner? But at least we should say about it now!

4. New activities – photostock

I would like to, of course, to devote a separate article to this subject, and again it’s not enough time. We can say that our designers are sometimes involved not only in creating the advertising product,but product creation and “creative.” The goal is obvious : sometimes “creativity” asks to work with it , and it is among projects, among short pause. So we found where to send this creative so that it would not do harm to the core business, but also help :even the simplest illustrations for fotostok is sometimes an invaluable practice and the way of earnings.

5. New people in the team

Of course, we would like to work in a team unchanged from the first to the last of our day. But it does not happen.Adoptation of the young team (we just turned 2 years) is normal. And though we feel sorry to part with the old team members, we are very, very pleased with the fact that the team has got new faces. Two of our programmers namesakes Ivan we love for good work, easy character and responsibility. While both work less than for half a year. And they are not all the newcomers of RA “WEMES”.

6. New plans

When war broke out east, we recorded advertising agency “WEMES”. Of course, the leaders planned opening of advance and simply could not know about the political and economic crisis that would soon  cover the country. It’s pleasant to realize that we managed , we are alive, we survived and are not going to stop with achieved! We have formed specific goals, we know which path will go …

 At this moment we are looking for new members to the team and plan to increase the amount of work for foreign clients. In the mind of our creative people there are some interesting ideas to be implemented … Some new projects are in the planning stage, and, we hope, one, we will talk about in a year as an accomplished fact.

 One thing we know for sure : life is not always as we would  like. But  what we love what we do. And we are convinced that our company will be ok!

Happy birthday, WEMES!

Happy birthday to Sergei, Roman, Tatiana, Marichka, Allen, Helen, Irene (3 pieces), John (both) Victoria, Olga …

Thank you, our customers and readers that you are with us!

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It is logical that people in our company often talk about their main activity – about advertising. The most interesting statements about it usually has our advertising agency director, Sergei Dzyupin. Here are some of them…

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