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The Third World War will be held online
(Viktor Chaika)

The future has come
Do not you think that our modern world looks like a fantastic book? People buy products without leaving home, do not talk in person but via tablet computers and phones, box translator that deprived of travelers distant communication problems are now almost in every house (sometimes several copies, and called “smartphone set with Google translate»).
According to science fiction writers, our dream future come at a time when Tim Berners Lee invented the Internet, but marketers believe that if we have to “live” on the Internet, then advertising on the Internet now is more important than advertising in “Offline “.

Online Shopping Statistics
If you designed to advertise through the Internet, the first thing you should think about is creating a website of your company. The results of sociological surveys show that 60% of Ukrainian, before making a purchase of any product (except household items such as food or household chemicals), review product information on the Internet, compare prices and features. If ten years ago the Ukrainians used the services of consultants in the shops of home appliances, now, as the internal statistics of supermarkets of electronics says, most people come to the store with a clear knowledge of the information on the differences and benefits of the various groups. Online Stores make substantial competition with the real stores and each year take an increasing percentage of orders.
So, we can conclude – if you do not have a network, then Your business does not exist, to the mind of 60% of the Ukrainians (Indexes 2013)

Start of the campaign
According to the market research at institute GfK Ukraine, for over the next two years the difference between the sales using online sources and real stores will no longer be visible. In this situation it is fundamentally important to find its niche in the online space. Marketers advise all who have not yet started work on the placement of their brand on the Internet, do this as soon as possible. It is important not only to create a website, but also to perform certain actions on its promotion.
What do the actions to promote the website on the Internet consist of? :
Order SEO optimizationOrder SEO optimization
Order banner advertising Order banner advertising
Order contextual Google advertisingOrder contextual Google advertising
Order contextual advertising  on blogs Order contextual advertising on blogs
Order SMM SMM promotionOrder SMM SMM promotion

*Conversion of the site can be increased by SEO specialist, UI-designer and marketing team analyzing.
It’s worth noting that advertising on the Internet is of many types and only integrated marketing campaign achieves quick results for your business

How to raise the site in search engine ranking?
What is SEO? Search engine optimization – is a complex of works to improve the site’s ranking in search results for specific (prescribed in the contract with the SEO specialist) key demands. According to the official Google data, so that your website has achieved top positions in the search results, there are as many as 200 factors.
However SEO specialists distinguish the main ones:
Writing texts under requirements of search enginesWriting texts under requirements of search engines
Optimization of internal linksOptimization of internal links
Permanent adding unique contentPermanent adding unique content
Improving usabilityImproving usability
Buying external linksBuying external links
Create contextual advertising in timeCreate contextual advertising in time

Unfortunately, most businesses do not think “for the future”. One should understand that even the best SEO-optimization brings results only in 6 months of active work.
However, there is a way to increase the ranking of your site using contextual advertising. Contextual advertising makes it possible to instantly attract a specific interested users audience, even in the newly created site that has not yet managed to reach high positions organically. In fact, the more visitors there are to your website, the position growth faster due to “behavioral factors”.

What are the other types of online advertising?
We have already proved the fact that every business needs an Internet site,. However, it is necessary to consider the methods of advertising, in addition to internal optimization of your website.
You can attract more customers with another ways of advertising, they are:
Banner advertisingBanner advertising
Creating partnerships with sites of related subjectsCreating partnerships with sites of related subjects
Classic video advertising on Youtube ChannelClassic video advertising on Youtube Channel
Conduct online training service to your articleConduct online training service to your article
Participation in professional forums and blogsParticipation in professional forums and blogs
Email adresses deliveries to existing or potential customersEmail adresses deliveries to existing or potential customers

What kind of the online advertising is the most effective?
If you want to upset an marketer – ask him this question. There is no single the most effective online advertising, as well as our planet could not exist if it had only one chemical element at the base.
However, there are some elements of online promotion, you can not do without – and it is without creating a site, without its SEO optimization. This is the basic nucleus the superimposed layers of different online advertising are lying on.
Therefore WEMES offers the comprehensive solutions for advertising on the Internet. You tell us about your budget, after careful analysis services and promotions of your competitors, we offer you a complete solution that will bring the best results for you within your budget.
All we can say finally – customers who feel the benefits of online advertising, will nеver refuse of it . They may be not satisfied with the quality of services of the specific web studio, but never will feel unhappy with the result of a comprehensive approach advertisers and SEO-specialists we offer.

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