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Classic Advertising

Many small thing has been made large by
the right kind of advertising.
(Mark Twain)

What is advertising?
The oldest advertising message that has come to this day, is an Egyptian papyrus, which announced the sale of a slave. There would not be a world in the way we know it without advertising, because advertising is closely intertwined with trade, and market relations is close with the social parade of absolutely every successful civilization.
Would the world without advertising become the communist utopia where people would be limited to the necessary, or vice versa, this world would be a hell where all can buy everything without knowing what they need? The question we leave to sociologists, historians, philosophers and other stakeholders.
We only know exactly that advertising is an integral part of our lives . No business can exist without advertising. Even if you find an example where somebody got his first “green thousand” without investing resources in advertising, it still proves the opposite view, because there is free advertising that we call «word of mouth» .

The simplest methods of advertising
The existence of free advertising is certainly a great opportunity for small businesses, but if your business has at least one person hired, it cannot do without marketing strategy. Moreover, most startups develop no more than one direction of this strategy, while there are many tools to attract customers even in the very limited budget.
We can list basic, classic forms of advertising which small business uses:
Use newspaper adsUse newspaper ads
Холодний продзвінCold calling
Distribution of business cardsDistribution of business cards
Buzz marketingBuzz marketing
Exchanging clients with competitorsExchanging clients with competitors
Business clubs (meetings, training)Business clubs (meetings, training)

Total marketing strategy
Marketers are well aware that advertising works best in combination. For example, advertisements of disparate styles are worse perceived and remembered than when they are accomplished in a clear corporate identity.SEO-promotion itself often brings a large number of customers, but in combination with contextual advertising operates at times efficiently.
Marketers advise to use at the same time many advertising tools such as:
Corporate style Adherence to corporate style
Advertising in media useAdvertising in media use
Use of outdoor advertisingUse of outdoor advertising
Distribution of cardsuse of complex BTL-advertising
Secondary means of advertising (PR face of the company, sponsorship)Secondary means of advertising (PR face of the company, sponsorship)

It is important to note that we have not listed all the means of advertising. For example, for ethical reasons , we will not mention illegal ways of advertising and black PR, because our company is not engaged in that principally

The effectiveness of traditional advertising
Traditional advertising includes advertising in the media (newspaper advertising, advertising in the magazine, advertising telebachnenni or radio) and outdoor advertising (billboards, city lights, signs, advertising on transport, advertising in route taxi). What kind of advertising is more and less effective? This is wrong question, the advertisements are equally effective for different groups of people. Let’s study some examples.
Will advertising on local Lviv TV channel be effective for the youth-marketed goods? With high probability – no. Political advertising and advertising products for the older age group will get home.
Advertising on national TV would be completely meaningless if you want to promote local businesses (catering, exhibition or museum). However, if Lviv City Council will advertise the city as a tourist capital of Ukraine, it makes no sense to do at a level lower than nationwide. And advertising of the same local business, but the hotel one should also have coverage larger than regional.
At this time, the outdoor advertising will bring in positive results for all categories of the population regardless of product orientation. Thus, a billboard in the city center can sell both tourist trip and products for children or elder people.
Some methods of advertising, such as classic video advertising are effective when using television as well as online distribution space through social networks or Youtube-channel. But after analyzing the target audience, you need to prefer one or another channel of distribution.

The main rule of advertising
Polls show humor advertising is better to remember. The «dinosaur» of business advertising Ogilvy David said: “The purpose of advertising is not to entertain the audience but to sell goods’’, meaning that only facts can convince the buyer of the product advantages over rival products.
Therefore, it is difficult to determine the style. Fierce battles between creative people of new generation and old advertising school do not cease to be maintained. But everyone agree to the law, expressed by the same David Ogilvy: «Do not create ads that your family would not like to see. You would not lie to your wife. Do not lie to mine. » The main rule is not to lie. Although there are much irony about how marketers follow the rules. The famous writer Victor Pelevin writes following about the business: « avoiding outright lies, from a fragment of the truth make the picture, which is connected with reality just as much as it can raise sales.»
Our team WEMES agrees with the rule «do not lie»,so would never create an advertising message to mislead the potential buyers. In other words, we will never market a bad product. We adhere to the Code of advertisers, creating a quality product for quality products.

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