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Corporate style

Most people in the world do not read
English or French, but perfectly
remembers logos.
(Karl Lagerfeld)

Correct presentation
Have you ever paid attention that the ” ephemeron company” almost never has a logo? Do think on the cause and the consequence?
Sleepy accountant who at the meeting gives a napkin with a phone number to his client, always loses to a neat specialist who offers the laminated business card to the customer.
The whole point of advertising is that you have to apply yourself better than your predecessors. And that is the creation of the corporate identity of your company that reports its potential customers about its intention to fight seriously for a place under the Sun and compete, not yielding to large companies

Why do you need the corporate identity?
Companies that do not have clearly formed style, are less memorable and therefore have serious financial losses. Consider why.

Research shows that to make any information be remained in the memory of the average person – it is enough to get the information about 25 times. It follows that one message shown 25 times is being remembered, while 25 messages, each displayed even 5 times, will soon be forgotten.
That is what gave marketers- researchers conclude that the presence of corporate identity is an integral part of any marketing strategy. For a firm which has clearly formed style, although it can be marketed in different ways, their commercials will always have similar elements : colors, fonts and logo. Even if the potential buyers can not remember certain messages, they will remember your brand.

What are the components of a corporate identity?
Corporate identity (often called corporate style or corporate identity) is a collection of specific items and the strict rules of their use. If you order the design corporate identity at advertising agency or to a freelance designer, then the output will be the final product, which is called brand book.
Brandbook is a clear instruction, observance of which helps to create an unique image. The creation of brand book includes the following:
Logo design Logo design
Design of a company sloganDesign of a company slogan
Selection of brand colors,Selection of brand colors,
Creating or selection of the corporate fontCreating or selection of the corporate font
Creating the design of printed materialsCreating the design of printed materials

What are the advantages of a corporate style?
Often, in addition to the standard elements of brand book, such as a logo or font, advertising agencies create the corporate character image .

For example, take any large bank. What do the employees have in common ? All of them have the same uniform, similar hairstyles, equally affable smile.. But “corporate character” – is not only the appearance. Take another example , any mobile operator. If you regularly interact with the phone consultants, you have to notice that it is difficult to distinguish one from another. That’s because the concept of “corporate character” are laws and corporate communication : to be friendly, talking to a limited range of intonation and volume, mandatory ban on the use of certain words (such as «problem», «do not know», «no»).
The company, which complies with all brand book instructions, has the advantage over companies that do not have the corporate identity:

  • High recognition and greater confidence in the company;
  • Creating a more professional image of the company;
  • Lower advertising costs while achieving higher results;
  • Saving resources of advertising and marketing department (is not necessary to invent a new style of advertising messages every time);
  • The gradual geometrical increase of the number of orders.

Integrated branding
Do you know that «Pepsi Cola» spends three times more money on advertising than «Coca Cola», however, it remains on the second place on sales volumes? We will not argue with business sharks about the taste of their products . We only want to say that well established brand gives you a powerful impetus to the development of your business.
The most popular designer in the CIS Alexander Lebedev said: «Corporate identity is not a cost but profits».
Wemes is the Ukrainian advertising agency working on European standards. We are trying to get away from the outdated principle of creating some promotional products such as the creation of the site or the creation of business cards. By signing the contract with us, you get a team of experienced marketers who will take care about the image of your company as on the whole. So, when you oder your business cards, they will look in the same style with your site, brochure, logo or your tie ( of course if your company has the uniform).
In addition, please, pay attention to the figures and statistics presented in this text and the next time when you need some specific elements of advertising, flyers or billboards, you would realise that advertising is cheap and profitable, when having a clear corporate identity.

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