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Guerrilla marketing

Advertising is an art to aim at the head
to get into the pocket.
(Vance Packard)

The essence of guerrilla marketing
Guerrilla marketing is a set of free or low-cost measures to promote a brand or product. The concept of guerilla marketing was introduced by the American advertiser Conrad Levinson, when he wrote a book of the same name.
The essence of guerrilla marketing is to find the cheapest ways of advertising rather than expensive. This even distribution of cards is considered to be one of the components of guerrilla advertising, is considered as a relatively-cheap.
Now the common view is that only a small business uses guerrilla marketing because is unable to spend large amounts of money on advertising. This view is erroneous , with no less guerrilla marketing is now used by big companies .

Guerrilla marketing tactics
Some specific tactics of guerrilla marketing are established so firmly that researchers call them separate subspecies guerrilla advertising, including:
Outrageous MarketingOutrageous Marketing
Ambient MediaAmbient Media
Hidden marketingHidden marketing
Viral marketingгViral marketing
Affiliate marketing,Affiliate marketing,
OnlineOnline guerrilla marketing

Outrageous Marketing is a low-cost (often, but not always) advertising that violates certain social norms. It is extremely risky method because it can not only attract attention but also forever damage the reputation among the particular population. The easiest way to say ,that it’s scandalous advertising using foul language. For example, the slogan «Fcuk fashion», which is both the name of the company, made millions to advertisers, however,it put an end to the possibility of selling line of products for the elders. Outrageous advertising should be directed to a specific group of people and the advertiser should be aware that after such advertising someone may refuse to deal with him

Ambient Media is the Outdoor advertising, which works closely with the environment. This advertising priori can not be mass , it has not a great coverage, but it is very noticeable. The most striking examples known in the network are painted Frenchfries- like crosswalk at the fast food restaurant, seat in a public place painted in chocolate bar look. There are many examples and such advertising could become popular in the Internet depending on the success of the idea.

Hidden marketing is a complex of promotional activities in which the audience has no idea that it receives messages of advertising character. The most common request is the feature articles on forums, and using “word of mouth”. Through, this type of guerrilla marketing is also called “advertising of rumors.” The easiest way is to order advertising in the blog. The main thing is do not overdo,make the material not look like the advertising but rather like a review of several products, where your product it will beneficially distinct from others.

Viral marketing – is a form of advertising, where the company does not spend resources on the distribution of advertising messages. Instead, recipients themselves become the distributors. In the age of social media it become much easier to make the message viral. Specific advice to anyone who is trying to create a viral advertising message is to uplift recipient. Statistics shows that the positive and vibrant publications on social networks have more repostiv than those that cause sadness.

Affiliate Marketing is an interaction with the business of related subjects and even with competitors. For example, if the company has been investing flooring, logical to assume that its customers are the people who make repairs. In such conditions it is easily to conduct mutual exchange customers ,so as a specialist give the advice to ask other companies about installation of heating, plastic windows, installation of suspended ceilings and more. Or consider timely marketing , essentially looks like a partnership. The main idea is to use advertising “just in time”. For example, in the United States there is common practice, when doctors recommend patients to trauma lawyers who have already worked with similar cases.

Guerrilla Marketing on the Internet. It is worth to say that in the era of smartphones it is possible to advertise using interesting (slot) or convenience (eg, accounting, weight control program, etc.) applications. This type of advertising is costly at the stage of product creation, but does not require any further financial investments (and can sometimes be profitable).

Standard methods of guerrilla marketing

Unfortunately, there is no standard methods of guerrilla marketing, because its whole point is that this advertising should be creative and different from competitors’ advertising messages. Therefore, advertising agencies take over creative idea rather high fees. But usually for putting these ideas into practice, you have to pay so little that the method completely pays for itself.

Although all types of BTL-services can be attributed to guerrilla advertising, there is a large number of methods that can not be attributed to any kind of advertising.

The Wemes company may take up promoting of your brand by «guerrilla methods». but we do not have nothing to offer like «standard». Every time this is the unique proposal, based on a thorough analysis and creative ideas of our team..

It should be noted that guerrilla advertising in Lviv is not widespread yet, and some known examples are inconspicuous. That is why we willingly take up the construction of creative ideas for your business in Lviv. But you should consider that such services we can not provide the «conveyor belt» – every idea will be thought over under the motto of the famous designer (who, by the way, uses mostly shocking marketing) A. Lebedev: «It is long, expensive,»

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