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The more competition, the more professional
should be your advertisement.
(Slogan Moscow AA)

What is advertising?
The classical advertising, according to the platform of placing, has three main directions:

Thus, the importance of the internet-advertisement grows lately, the importance of advertisement goes down in MASS MEDIA, and an advertisement by means of printed products holds the same positions, as well as before. Researchers absolutely are confident that the advertising with printed products can equally compete with all other types of advertisement in future.

What are the main tools of print advertising?
Printed products include quite a large number of different species. Printing of billboards and business cards is the production of printed products.
All printing products are divided by usage into several main sections:
Elements of corporate styleElements of corporate style
Elements of outdoor advertisingElements of outdoor advertising
Outdoor advertising elementsOutdoor advertising elements
Handout printing productsHandout printing products
Souvenirs advertising contentSouvenirs advertising content

All products have different formats and requirements. For example, printing business cards required layout with high (300dpi) minimum expansion, while for printing billboards such high requirements are not required.

Printing elements of the corporate style
Every company existing on the market not for the first year tries to stand out from the competition. American marketers have introduced the term “corporate identity”. In fact, this is a brand book – instruction, you need to follow to create a special, well-defined company style. On the advantages of brand book you can read on the “Corporate Identity”. We can say in few words that companies that follow the corporate style can spend fewer resources on advertising.
Our company can undertake the design of your corporate identity, namely of its elements:
Design of business cardsDesign of business cards
Creating letterhead printingCreating letterhead printing
Folders corporate,Folders corporate,
Stationery designStationery design
Envelope designEnvelope design
Development of product catalogsDevelopment of product catalogs
Creating packages of paper bagsCreating packages of paper bags

Elements of external and internal advertising
Unfortunately, internal advertising has less overall coverage. Moreover, the benefits of outdoor advertising that is easier to pick the right target audience. For example, placing ads in hairdressing will include an audience consisting mostly of women aged 20 to 50 years, and placing advertisements in the auto show – paying audience of men aged 30-60 years.
Компанія Wemes надає такі послуги по створенню зовнішньої та внутрішньої реклами:
Design of billboards, city lightsDesign of billboards, city lights
Design and printing pillars (Spotykach)Design and printing pillars (Spotykach)
Creation of advertising on transportCreation of advertising on transport
Creating postersCreating posters
Calendars etc. Calendars etc.

All products have different formats and requirements. For example, printing business cards requires a layout with high (300dpi) minimum expansion, while print of billboards of such high requirements are not required.

Роздаткові матеріали
A significant part of any marketing strategy is the distribution (post) of printed products. Distribution of printed materials concerns BTL-advertising. Briefly, we can say that this type of advertising is most personal in nature and is a direct appeal to a potential buyer.
In general, the distribution of leaflets or flyers is the promotion of sales directly at the time of the campaign to spread. This advertising has less long-term effect, but more short-lived than any other form of advertising.
Handouts include such printed products:
  • Flyers;
  • Cards;
  • Catalogues;
  • Gift certificates;
  • Souvenirs, designed in corporate style etc.

Additional advertising
If you are interested in any advertisement in Lviv, you can contact us with orders of any complexity, starting from the party of business cards to full-scale advertising campaign that will include printing all types of printed products, their placing and distribution in Lviv.

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