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Social projects: LKP CLINIC “LION”

Advertising agency “WEMES”is  proud to take part in a free Website for LCP “lion” because these people have undertaken an incredibly important mission : rescue mission in Lviv for street animals.


You know how were solved the problem of stray dogs in the city? Dogs were killed! Movement of doghunters is not only suppressed by law, but also encouraged by public opinion. Before the European Football Championship (Euro 2012) in Lviv the fans of bloody killings massively gathered, and the number of homicides has exceeded a thousand.

 In “relatively humane” shooting, sometimes disgusting used methods of murder: the Internet was filled with warnings to dog owners as follows:

 “Be careful when walking your dogs! On the streets of the city there  were spread deadly surprises for dogs – namely dog ​​goodies, stuffed with poison or broken glass. In such a way the doghunters solve the problem of stray dogs! 

The movement for animal rights!

We all understand the fact that dogs must not be killed. Just you can not close your eyes to the problem. So what to do?

 Several months ago, the business plan of LCP “Lion” won the foreign grant for the establishment of modern animal clinic. Now the situation has changed dramatically for homeless animals.

 The newest clinic LCP “Lion” will deal capture, sterilization, treatment and chiping of dogs. This means not only that the killing will stop, and the fact that now every homeless dog is not just a chance to live with dignity and without their diseased dog’s life, but also to find a family that can give it a shelter.

 Among the plans of the organizers of the project is lobbying the compulsory chiping of all the city dogs. What does it do? More than half of homeless animals find themselves on the streets because of accidents or irresponsibility of their hosts (ie dogs and cats are simply discarded or lost and no longer find the way home).

 The chip has a sygnal with which an animal can always be easily found by contacting the LCP “lion”.

Our participation

Advertising agency «WEMES» undertook the design and development of software code for clinic site, because the site is a central element of the clinic:

 The site will contain the entire database of all animals, passed through the veterinary clinics;

  • On the website animals owners can apply for registration of their pet;
  • The site provides convenient functionality for finding the best pet for your family among the stray animals: the search can be done on a large number of parameters including, for example, size, age, or even character of the dog;
  • This site will be easy to place an ad on the loss of a pet;
  • The site will inform about the services of veterinary clinic;
  • The site has the most complete information on all legislation on pets;
  • The site will be of interest information and tips regarding veterinary clinic animal care and more.
  • Although the site is currently at the stage of design coordination, we still can boast at least homepage.

 P.S. In addition to developing  our website design we are doing other work for LCP “Lion. Meanwhile, one can visit our page on Facebook – we just spend a mini-marathon of interesting social advertising devoted to our smaller brethren.

Happy birthday, WEMES

Having hips of work we have forgotten one important day – the birthday of RA “WEMES”. And we really have something to celebrate…

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