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Quotes about advertising by director


It is logical that people in our company often talk about their main activity – about advertising. The most interesting statements about it usually has our advertising agency director, Sergei Dzyupin. Here are some of them…

 Generally about advertising

  • APC ischeaper, more reliable and much more practical than a Lamborghini, but all they want  Lamborghini. The point is in good advertising.
  • There is no better advertising than the advice of a friend. However, one should start somewhere with start-ups.
  • Black PR is PR too, dut only if you are a pop star.
  • Advertising is not a doping product in the market race. Advertising is his legs.
  • Advertising of a bad product will help you get rid of party goods. Advertising of a good product will make a good name of your company and all its subsequent goods.
  • Advertising, which engages fully only 5% of people  acts much more effective than advertising, which engages 100%  of people  for only 5%.
  • Good advertising will make your customers pay. Poor advertising make pay you only.

About sex and advertising

  •  Most primitive advertising uses sex. If you want to sell window, alcohol, cars, watches – advertise this product with nude woman, and it will work.
  • Clothes, watches, cars, home, and even attractive wife – it’s the way men advertise themselves for many women.
  • Funny, creative and other good advertising – is the advertisers’ attempt to stand out somehow from the crowd of pornographic billboards.

About managing and advertising

  •  Managers can be sick, they want bonuses… Advertising works without vocations, days off and sick leave.
  • If I were a manager, I wouldn’t work in a company that is not advertised. Such companies drive only on the ” hunchbacks” of their employees.
  • You have a marketer, advertise yourselves or your company will not live for a long time.

On the internet advertising

  • Internet has the same effect on people as radio and television at the time of the peak of their popularity. And then there will be more.
  • Satisfied people rarely leave reviews online. One of twenty satisfied leave a good tip, but every third leaves bad feedback.
  • Site – is just your business card in your pocket. Website promotion – is how many people would get this business card.
  • You can throw your business cards on a crowdy square, and hope that some of them will fall juct to the wanted hands . And you can give business cards only to ten potential clients. Spent time is the same. The result is quite different. Contextual advertising on the internet is more expensive, but more correct way to do business.
  • Advertising and the Internet is a marathon. You will not win a marathon, if start every time from the beginning, even if at the start you will improve your running style.
  • Advertising on the Internet is as an attempt to roll a stone slab on top. Just you stop- it will slide down. If you  stop promotion for half a year , you have to start over.
  • If your company has no website, then it just does not exist for 60% of people.

Errors in advertising

  • The problem of some products is that they are too cheap. Buyers subconsciously evaluate cheap goods as a sign of poor quality. Isn’t it better to raise the price, and the difference use for the goods advertising?
  • False advertising pull on the bottom both the company created the product and the company that created the advertisement.
  • Customers can often give a good idea to advertise their goods. But more often they just spoil good advertising just to show off to their friends that they also took part in its creation.
  • Could Da Vinci draw his Mona Lisa if he allowed her friend, her husband and mother to edit the picture? Do not interfere in advertising by all staff of the company. Only one single person should like the аdvertising, but at 100%.


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