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“WEMES” returned!

Christmas tree is still decorated, the windows still have the drawn snowflakes and there serpentine sparkle remains, but … but the vocations as well as public holidays are  not forever.

New Year’s Corporate celebretion

 The team advertising agency “WEMES” already returned to work. Although the holiday spirit will be with us for a long time as calories have eaten on vacation.

 We hope this year will be better for us and for you, our dear readers. We hope that we all learned from the mistakes of the past years and have now not only enthusiasm and endless energy but a sufficient store of knowledge and experience.

 We hope that this year our relationship with you is more friendly and our work  is more professional.

 Happy New Working Year!

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It is logical that people in our company often talk about their main activity – about advertising. The most interesting statements about it usually has our advertising agency director, Sergei Dzyupin. Here are some of them…

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People do not like to read. Your site text is there not for clients!

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