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What should my site look like?

Do not rely on the opinion of the designer or manager, when the question relates to what pages need to be present on your website. You know your potential buyer and his needs better, so – you decide.

Old or new

First of all, I want to note that even if you already have a website and you want it just to “update”a little bit, you still have to treat redesign responsibly. Do you know why? Because if you just change the color and the size, the essence remains the same. But you want the new site to be better the old one, do not you?

Cutting off the excess

Using the principle of “Occam blades” cut off all unnecessary. The site, which contains too much information becomes inconvenient to use exactly the same as the house, lined with furniture from floor to ceiling is not suitable for life. Do not confuse barn with living room, do not confuse your site with the municipal archives! Leave space on the site! Researches in usability (convenience degree characteristic of the subject and its possible use in general) argue that one contact number is more effective than ten contact numbers. Aaron Walter  (Specialist UI, director of the popular brand “MailChimp”)in his book “Emotional web design” said: “Have you ever attended a party where all have to shout to hear their neighbor? The more music is louder, the louder people have to speak – and it becomes more difficult to communicate. Design works just as if everything requires your attention but  you notice nothing”.

Leaving needed

If design is created properly on the cap (top of the site which usually contains the name of the site and its menu) the casual user can perfectly navigate site. In addition, next to the name (or logo) site the slogan is often placed – a few words, one can unmistakably understands about your business. Given this, the question arises  whether all these pages that the site are necessary? Believe it – no, but nothing is really needed, in addition to one page – contacts. All other pages you need only when you have your own content manager. The site of the huge number of half-sections spoil the mood of users as well as were spoiled the mood of buyers by empty shelves of Soviet groceries.

To be or not to be?

The section “About Us” – a section that should raise trastworthy (public confidence in the resource). Sub this section – “History”, “Reviews”, “collective”. In no case you should not put overt advertisements in this section – it is necessary for user to understand who you are, not for the fact that he fell in love with you without understanding what you do. If you still can not come up with nothing but advertising for accommodation in this chapter, it is better to do without it. Section “News” is extremely important. But not content, but the fact of the presence of this substance. Hardly anyone will read the text of the news, but if the site is present on a page and last publishing appeared more than a year ago, conclusions of a visitors would not be the best. Thay will think that you are not even able to do your website properly and therefore you are not reliable and responsible business partner. So if you do not have your own content manage it’s better not to create that website section  at all. Finally, the possibility of “Entrance / Registration”. According to our experience, we know that too many people try to add to your site registration function, but in a completely opposite view than necessary. Initially, this function is needed to provide registered users additional options, such as access to additional libraries website, the ability to download, comment, buy. But our customers repeatedly asked to add “Login” just to be able to count the number of visitors and receive their contact information. However, they are not included (despite our recommendations) the fact that almost every user, in fact, is lazy – if he will be able to get what you want without exhausting registration procedure (eg competitors), it must take advantage of this opportunity. If not inspirated with very juicy promises nobody will go to the registration page. So it is better not to make that page (especially considering that even a cool online stores allow you to purchase items without registration).

Nothing more to add

“Design  is not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away” – an axiom, known even to those who have nothing to do with design. If you want a site  primarily think not about what you want to see there, but what you can not do without. New trends only confirm this : the most leaders go by simplifying network design!

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