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2014 – is not the best year for startups in Ukraine. Everyone knows about “politically anarchic” situation, and everyone understands how it affects the business. However, we do not give up, even in difficult times we can temper ourselves and achieve more than at any other time.

Our people

It’s hard not to notice that our portfolio so far, is not so big and swollen as it could be. The fact is that only this year (2 February 2014) the company was officially founded. We fought all the year for a place under the sun and at the same time,for the coolest people in our team. Each of them we were looking for a long time. Someone had to be enticed, someone, unexpectedly dropped as snow on the head in mid-July in Hawaii … we have already farewelled  with  someone (hope not forever). For example, Olga Venhryn had a great joy waiting for a baby and, of course, cannot still work (Olga, we welcome you, and wait for your return)! In any case, now we have assembled an excellent team of optimists and enthusiasts who are willing to reach the mountains and creat heats of projects .

Our small obstacles

We had projects that  brought us a lot of “joy, which is reflected in the bills.” But there were (and, unfortunately, the majority) projects, where we earned nothing but headaches and experience. However, we are proud of each bump on our way. We had a lot of interesting things, such as:

  •  Redone 7 times one page of the design;
  • There was a typo in the flyer (and emergency and free replacement of a new sample);
  • The project (s) with which we were at minus;
  • Catched cold promoters;
  • The project, which hung for three months without approval (clients went to rest abroad).

However, we have overcome each of these obstacles, trying to preserve the dignity and professionalism

Our great joy

We can not boast something individually. Every project in the portfolio, large or small – is our pride and joy. But there are some things that we can especially be proud of:

  • Organization of the event “Cinema on the grass,” free to all comers;
  • Website for NGO “Social Perspective” – ​​for people with capital letters;
  • Moving to a new office when we grew up from the first one(which happened less than a half year of our work);
  • The organization of the mega-positive, hope the annual photorace (special thanks to Mary Bisyk).

And it is the only small fraction, which gives an idea of ​​all our victories, like a handful of sand on a sea beach. And to everyone  we mentioned or did not mention  in the list of our victories, we want to say – we are proud of all you.  Proud of cooperation, friendly and warm relations,of every aspect of our working and non-working relationship! Thank you for the opportunity to do things with  love!

Our ambitious plans

We are like a newborn baby – making the first steps in advertising, based on experience from the previous jobs. But we don’t want  to become a regular advertising agency like a lot of them. We strive in every way to become the best! Not for the sake of the good life that promises Hollywood to advertising people (do not believe in fairy tales) but  in other reasons. We  all are the  patriots, we strive to develop the Ukrainian advertising to create a unique product that will compete with the European and American a product  … We have already started making our own and unique … We have so many ideas, so many options and so much energy – if only it were in the direct channel!

Your “We, Wemes”

Our dear babies, little pets and other strange friends and customers, we wish you development, prosperity and, most importantly, we wish you ourselves! If you will have us, then you will have more customers and for 100% more reasons to rejoice in the new, 2015!

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Яким має бути мій сайт?

Do not rely on the opinion of the designer or manager, when the question relates to what pages need to be present on your website. You know your potential buyer and his needs better, so – you decide.


It is logical that people in our company often talk about their main activity – about advertising. The most interesting statements about it usually has our advertising agency director, Sergei Dzyupin. Here are some of them…

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